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Noami Grevemberg

Founder, Irie to Aurora & Diversify Vanlife

About this speaker

Noami Grevemberg is a vanlife OG (since 2016), avid outdoorist, digital nomad & dog mom, living on the road in her classic

Volkswagen Vanagon. In 2019, she founded the Diversify Vanlife community organization with a mission of increasing

representation of BIPOC and other marginalized people in vanlife. A visionary creator, Noami invokes the power of

storytelling as a tool to break down barriers and cultivate intentionally inclusive spaces in road travel and the outdoors.

She’s also the host of Nomads at the Intersections podcast and a (soon-to-be) published author.

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Paving New Roads: How Diverse Representation Can Be a Catalyst for Change

Noami Grevemberg