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Noami Grevemberg

Paving New Roads: How Diverse Representation Can Be a Catalyst for Change

A Talk by Noami Grevemberg (Founder, Irie to Aurora & Diversify Vanlife)

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About this Talk

Vanlife is often synonymous with travel, new experiences, an expanded worldview, and greater empathy. For many of us, embracing this unconventional lifestyle means taking risks and opening ourselves up to new ways of thinking. But, even with the best of intentions, we tend to bring our biases and societal conditioning with us. And when it comes to building intentionally inclusive communities, there can be many roadblocks. In this virtual presentation, we will explore the importance of representation through an intersectional lens and identify some tools we can all adapt to make room for different narratives and foster more inclusive and equitable spaces in vanlife.

About The Speakers

Noami Grevemberg

Noami Grevemberg

Founder, Irie to Aurora & Diversify Vanlife