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John & Jayme Serbell

Refrigeration and Food Storage For Van Life

A Talk by John & Jayme Serbell (Gnomad Home, Gnomad Home)

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About this Talk

Keeping food refrigerated on the road means you can stay out in the wild longer, and you don't have to deal with the logistical challenges of an ice-filled cooler. But there are sooo many vanlife refrigeration options that it's difficult to know what the best choices are.

John and Jayme from Gnomad Home have seen the evolution of vanlife refrigeration over the past 6+ years from a handful of high end brands to an overwhelming number of cheap import fridges. In this session they offer their advice on choosing vanlife refrigeration that won't explode your wallet. They also chat with Kristin about tips for general food storage.

About The Speakers

John & Jayme Serbell

John & Jayme Serbell

Gnomad Home, Gnomad Home

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